AFS Sound and Lights Service provide dry hire formula to rent sound and lighting systems, modular stages and structures, video recording and projection systems.

We can provide the solutions best suited to your needs through a wide range of the latest products. We provide everything your event requires, without leaving anything to chance. In addition to rentals, you can take advantage of transport to the event venue, of installation services, and of whatever technical assistance you require with high qualified and english-speaking technicians.

AFS Sound and Lights Service can also arrange long-term rentals for theatre and TV productions and equipment rental for luxury events.

Send us the technical specifications of what you need with your request.With the selection of equipment at our disposal, we always have the right solution.

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The latest equipment, always…

Clicking on the links below, you’ll find the equipment most often requested. Contact us if you’re looking for something in particular or would like to learn about the latest products that have just arrived!
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High-quality audio equipment, for clean, powerful sound in any situation. Passive and active diffusors, subwoofers, power amplifiers, analog and digital sound mixers are only a few of the available categories. We also have transceivers, internal communication systems, and (wireless) microphones.


The best brands of the latest equipment, capable of astounding your audience. Skillfully designed light shows that make your event even more captivating.


Among the video equipment available through AFS Sound and Lights Service: projectors, projection screens, LED walls and much more.


Trusses, risers, modular stages and much more. AFS Sound and Lights Service uses solid, long-lasting equipment to guarantee the safety of your entire event.

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