During the 57th International Art Exhibition in Venice, the art installation with higher international resonance was “Support” by Lorenzo Quinn

The art installation consists of two big hands that supports Ca’ Sagredo Hote, on the Gran Canal. “Support” wants people think about climate changes and how people, with their hands, can both build and destroy. “Venice is a floating art city that inspire culture from centuries, but it needs support from our and future generations because climate changes and neglect are threatening it” says Lorenzo Quinn.

The two big hands was made on the model of Lorenzo’s son hands. They have an internal steel structure and a covering of foam and synthetic resin for a total weight of around 2500 kg (5511 lbs) each and are 8 m (26 ft) high.

To be installed, the art piece required one big crane, two barges, one aerial platform, lots of boats, more than 20 technicians and an entire day of work. Transportation from Spain requires month of pianification and many weeks of travel.

AFS Sound and Light Service had the honour and pleasure to work with the italian light designer Vincenzo Raponi and architect Flavio Caputo of C and C Studio to illuminate the art installation. Thanks to Ca’ Sagredo Hotel executive director Lorenza Lain it was possible to illuminate the sculture in short time and with minimun operations.

During the design phase, our engineers suggest the most suitable fixing system compatibly to the hisorical nature of the building in addition to light sources. We used LED lights with the right colour, IP65 protection and energy saving.

AFS Sound and Light Service provide all the equipment for the opening cerimony with artist and his family, Luigi Brugnaro mayor of Venice, Paola Mar council member for tourism, Lorenza Lain executive director of Ca’ Sagredo Hotel and many tourists, citizens and journalists.


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video credits: supportatvenice.com