We live it every day: color and light transmit emotions. Knowing how to use these two elements makes it possible to create evocative, magical atmospheres to enhance your event.

AFS Sound and Lights Service offers interior and exterior ambient lighting that is carefully designed to exalt any site.

We firmly believe and consequently act as every detail is essential and deserves the lighting that makes it stand out and surprise the observer. Many places are naturally beautiful: just think of the Venetian Villas, of churches and architecturally interesting buildings, of parks and gardens. Our goal is to make places even more interesting with the right architectural lighting.

Thanks to highly qualified technicians who are extremely attentive to each client’s needs and fluent in english, AFS Sound and Lights Service can help you choose the best solution and provide continous support during the event.

AFS provides design and installation of architectural and ambient lighting systems, for indoor and outdoor locations, in Venice, Treviso, Padova, Belluno, Rovigo, northern and central Italy.

We can provide illumination of large art installations like “Support” by Lorenzo Quinn, a giant masterpiece built in the Grand Canal in Venice (Italy) for the 57th International Art Exhibition (more information).

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