Promoting your company effectively will make you better known, increase the number of your prospective clients and surely have an economic return. Provided it’s done right.

Marketing experts offer companies many tools, including promotional events, the main goal of which is to make your business known, tell prospective clients what you offer and create a direct connection between the company and the public at large.

AFS Sound and Lights Service has done many services for corporate events. Here are some ideas for your promotional event: organize a fashion show in your store to present a new collection to guests, complete with a DJ Set and refreshments, or invite experts in your field to meet with customers in your shop for a promotional or training event.

We provide all the equipment you need for galas, dinners and banquets: from the amplification of discreet but powerful music to cable radio, from lighting effects to short promotional/entertaining films. We create structures, supports, platforms and stages with the utmost attention to detail, with upholstery and carpeting for the seamless integration with a refined, elegant atmosphere. We can supply prints in any size or format on fabric or PVC (according to your specifications), red carpets and backdrops for photo shoots.

Thanks to highly qualified technicians who are extremely attentive to each client’s needs and fluent in english, AFS Sound and Lights Service can help you choose the best solution and provide continous support during the event.

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