AFS Sound and Lights Service works with a team of creative young professionals specialized in graphics and design to offer our clients a turnkey package for every event.

Lilak Graphic Design & Wedding

Imagine: you’re planning your wedding down to the last detail; everything has to be perfect and reflect who you are. You obviously can’t settle for just any announcement and are looking for someone who can interpret your ideas and transform them into a concrete project that reflects your wishes. Maybe someone who can even do the menu and the place cards, the Tableau de Marriage for the reception, the wine labels and boxes, the cards for the favors, and everything else to complete the mise en place.

Lilak is your ideal partner for graphic communication. It’s not just a matter of conveying useful details, it’s about transmitting an emotion in an original and unique way.

Not just weddings

Compelling customized graphics are important for a lot of other occasions too: private parties, anniversaries, events, conferences. If you already have a theme that inspires your “occasion,” Lilak can come up with the design that interprets it best. Be it your company logo, an abstract idea, a symbolic or decorative element (a flower, a song, a place, a time in history), Lilak will interpret it creatively to transmit your feeling to your guests.

Tell us what you’d like, and Lilak will make your wish come true.

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