Excitement, adrenaline, happiness, joy… a lot of emotions come out when we attend a concert.

Hardly anybody really thinks about it, but a concert is the perfect mix of technology and art. Artists need the right (not only musical!) instruments to fully express their talent and capture the audience with their music.

AFS Sound and Lights offers these instruments: powerful high-quality sound systems, high impact lighting, and modular stages that can be adapted for various situations.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to concerts: every venue has different acoustic features, the size of the audience affects the way the sound system performs, the size (dimensions) of the stage and the type of music influence the choice of lighting, and so on. Our experience and thoroughness allow us to assess the many solutions and, by discussing our ideas with the client, quickly determine what is best.

We provide sound systems for indoor and outdoor events rental, connected to analog or digital mixers to produce a rich, powerful sound. Relying on a wide selection of fixed or motorized lights to rent, we illuminate the stage in an efficient, impressive way.

We can also provide and rent portable, quick-mounting, modular stages of various heights and surfaces.

Through continuous research on high-quality audio systems, attention to new technologies in the field of lighting and highly qualified technicians, AFS guarantees captivating performances.

Thanks to highly qualified technicians who are extremely attentive to each client’s needs and fluent in english, AFS Sound and Lights Service can help you choose the best solution and provide continous support during the event.

We provide sound and lights system rental for concerts and events in Venice, Padova, Verona, Rovigo, Treviso, Belluno, northern and central Italy.

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