“The audience has to lose the awareness of being inside a theater for a moment, that is why I believe the hall has to be darkened when the curtain rises; the scene will be stronger then, the spectator will be more attentive, he will not dare to talk, he will almost be able to seem intelligent.”

Jean Jullien, Le théatre vivant (1892)

AFS Sound and Lights Service has always been involved in the world of theater. Our company was founded on and has grown through the passion for this art.

Fonte: mosespendleton.com

Fonte: mosespendleton.com

Today’s technology takes the audience further and further into another dimension. Just think, for example, about Moses Pendleton‘s Momix in which dance meets illusionism and the play of light, optical effects, music and sound transport the audience elsewhere. The ostensible simplicity of the choreography demands attentive lighting designs.

We work with professional and amateur theater companies to provide lighting services in theaters, sports facilities, gyms, as well as outdoors.

Another increasingly successful form of entertainment is the musical. We can boast extensive experience in this field and works with notorious names. Alongside lighting, the actors require special microphones that allow the audience to fully appreciate their performance. We provide everything necessary for the technical production of professional performances in theater shows.

We also have considerable experience in the world of dance. The movements of the bodies on stage are emphasized by the light, which makes it possible to convey emotions to the audience immersed in the dark hall. A particular backlight, in a particular shade, accentuates each dancer differently and characterizes each performance in a unique and original way. 

Thanks to highly qualified technicians who are extremely attentive to each client’s needs and fluent in english, AFS Sound and Lights Service can help you choose the best solution and provide continous support during the event.

AFS Sound and Lights Service rent audio and light systems, dance carpet and flooring for theater and dance performance, mainly in Venice, Padova, Verona, Rovigo, Treviso e Belluno but can move in northern and center Italy.

The frequency with which AFS has worked with prominent dance schools demonstrates just what technical lighting can do for this type of performance and how much it is appreciated.

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