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AFS Sound and Lights Service is the right choice for the most important, beautiful day of your life. We want each couple to live every moment to the utmost, without worrying about a thousand and one details. Our experience and expertise allow us to weigh all the options quickly and provide the solution that best meets the couple’s needs. A thorough inspection of the venue makes it possible for us to provide you with useful suggestions that can guarantee that everything in the ceremony and celebration will go smoothly.

We rent powerful compact amplification systems that allow every guest to follow the entire ceremony, be it indoor or outdoor.

We provide all the equipment needed to make wedding entertainment a success. Many artists have their own amplification system, but their equipment doesn’t always meet the venue’s conformation. That’s why we do our own site-inspection and, in accordance with the venue managers, suggest the right system.

We can also arrange the rental of high-quality musical instruments for artists travelling a great distance to make your wedding party unforgettable.

Many couples choose prestigious venues for their wedding day; places that can make dreams come true and can become even more spectacular when the lighting is just right. We offer custom architectural lighting that can make stunning places even more magical.

Thanks to highly qualified technicians who are extremely attentive to each client’s needs and fluent in english, AFS Sound and Lights Service can help you choose the best solution and provide continous support during the event.

AFS Sound and Lights provides wedding services, with full support during the whole event, in the provinces of Venice, Padova, Treviso, Verona, Rovigo, Belluno, in northern and central Italy.

Many couples have chosen our professional approach to their wedding day. Recent celebrations have been held at prestigious venues such as the JW Marriott Venice, St. Regis San Clemente Palace, the island of San Servolo in Venice, Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Gritti Palace and Monaco and Grand Canal in Venice.

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